We have two missions teams. One specifically focuses on our community and its needs. We continue to partner Tribes for Christ, a ministry of the La Jolla Band of the Luiseno people on Mount Palomar. Just a few of the ways we support that ministry is through our semi-annual blanket, toy and food drives. We also host free seminars for the community, such as Identity Theft Prevention, College Savings Strategies, and more. Our annual Easter Festival, held at Stone Ranch Elementary School, is a free outreach to our community where families can come and play games, hunt for eggs, and enjoy free popcorn and cotton candy, all in a safe environment.

The other missions team is focused on outreach 30 miles and more from the church.  We have also worked with churches in the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, ans South East Asia to share the gospel with people in those countries.  In San Felipe, Mexico we host street ministry fairs for the local children and have been helping an orphanage for at least 4 years, assiting to complete building projects and hosting fun activities for the foster children and orphans. Finally, we support two families of missionaries in San Diego.  One family works with Campus Crusade for Christ, and one works with Navigators.  

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