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  • Join us on Sundays. Come as you are!

    Uplifting worship, fellowship, prayer and a message from the Word of God with tools to live this Christian life and walk in the freedom that Christ has given us all. Join the GC2 family as we worship an amazing God together and grow in our faith as we do life together!

  • Water, Worship and Waiting:

    A Mini-Series. Pastor Luke Chen sharing insights from his trip to Israel - February 18th, 25th and March 4th - at our Sunday Worship Service.

  • The Word of God

    Our current sermon series returns March 11th. From the book of Daniel, this series will help you overcome Satan’s attacks and give you tools to live out your faith in an increasingly secular world, and in a culture that is hostile to your faith. Join us on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m., at Stone Ranch Elementary in 4S Ranch. Audio of past sermons are available on the "messages" tab or you can watch past videos on our YouTube page.

  • Our Focus in 2018 and Beyond

    We care for our neighbors and our community and strive to help them where needed, receiving nothing in return but a "Thank You!"

  • Women’s Prayer Connections

    We've had great feedback from women who have taken part in connecting with a prayer partner. Now it's time to match new partners. We'd like to continue to enrich connections among women in our church. What better way to foster this, than to pray for one another to grow? Please sign up to be paired with someone. Click the photo to register, or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before 3/4/2018.

  • Small Groups

    Explore a Small Group Bible Study for experience and growth. Click the image for more information.

  • From Nursery through 5th Grade

    Using the Orange curriculum, children learn God's truths and Christ's message of salvation from 10:30 - 11:30, then at 11:30 K-5 children are brought to the main worship service to sing worship songs with their families. Children's volunteers have completed background checks.

  • AWANA Boys and Girls Club

    We meet most Sundays during the school year, 4:00 - 5:45 p.m. We are now meeting at our NEW CLUB LOCATION: 10720 Thornmint Rd., Unit C, San Diego, CA 92127. Click the LOGO to learn more about our AWANA Program.

  • Praying Together

    We seek opportunities to care for our neighbors, friends, and our sisters and brothers in Christ. Connecting face-to-face with other people cultivates mutual gift-sharing, encouragement, listening, trust, compassion, humor, empathy, friendship and hope. As we practice the ministry of presence – and give this gift of time – we reflect the self-giving love of God in Jesus Christ.

  • Serving with Joy

    Sharing God's truth, Jesus' love and the hope of Salvation.

  • Friendship and Fellowship

    Fellowship - This is one of the primary purposes of mankind. Learn the importance of fostering love, trust, and security in your friendships. Experience the blessing of belonging with God and the church family. You will find friendly, sincere people from different walks of life and ethnicities united by their love for Christ and others. Click the photo to take a look at details of the current small groups. All are open for new attendees.

  • Our Pathway for Your Spiritual Journey


    It is so important to believe in something of eternal value and truth. GC2's goal is to help people find that eternal value and truth in the Bible and put their trust and confidence in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We believe that the Bible has the answers and solutions for life's greatest challenges.

  • Our Path for Your Spiritual Journey


    Everyone has, unfortunately, felt alienation from others. That is why GC2 is here to help people experience the blessings of belonging with God, and belonging in the church family. Our Sunday mornings and small group gatherings have the feel of a gathering of best friends and family, who are ready to welcome even more to the table. You will find friendly, sincere people, from different walks of life and ethnicities, united by their love for Christ and others.

  • Our Path for Your Spiritual Journey


    To be a Christ-follower is to be on a challenging but rewarding lifelong journey of becoming more like Jesus Christ. It begins with knowing Christ personally and having his humility. GC2 offers many opportunities for children through adults to learn and live out what it is to be a new creation and how to be filled with God's love and Holy Spirit. Come grow with us.


  • Our Path for Your Spiritual Journey


    Everyone has barriers such as fear, worries, doubt, bitterness, trauma, guilt, failure, pride, bad habits, and addiction, that keep them from experiencing the abundant life promised in Scripture. Many at GC2 have experienced God's amazing grace and powerful victories over these barriers. We offer prayer, teaching, role models, understanding, support, friendship, and challenge to help everyone find wholeness and overcome emotional and spiritual barriers.

  • Our Path for Your Spiritual Journey


    Jesus said that the Greatest Commandment is to love God and love one's neighbors. There is joy in looking beyond yourself to serve others, including God himself. GC2 encourages everyone to use their time, talents and treasures to serve the Lord, help in the community, be generous, and do acts of kindness to others. We are saved to serve.

  • Our Path for Your Spiritual Journey

    Bear Fruit

    In nature, the purpose of maturity is to reproduce. Likewise, the outcome of Chrsitian maturity is the ability to help others follow Christ. GC2 emphasizes missional living for every Christ-follower so they can help others receive the gift of eternal life also. Our church also supports local and international missionaries and has the goal to start other churches to spread the Gospel. Join us and find your calling..

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