Current series - "Make THe most of..."

We are all called to be faithful stewards of what God has provided. Check out the sermons in this series on Life, Money, Time, and Talents.


God speaks to us through His Scripture. So do not only read the Bible, ask God to speak to you, and then listen for His message to you using this recommended Bible contemplation process:

H = Highlight one or more verses from your daily Bible reading that standouts and then focus your attention on the verse(s).

E = Explain to yourself why the highlighted verse(s) was significant to you.

A = Apply by stating how the verse(s) could affect your thoughts, feelings, relationships, or actions.

R = Respond by committing to one or more acts of obedience related to what you have learned from the above.

We highly recommend writing your thoughts on an app or notebook for your own remembrance.